For twenty years now, Sekisui S-Lec and Curfs Logistics have had a successful partnership. Sekisui recently became one of the clients who also use Curfs’ All-in-One concept. Curfs transports goods between Roermond and Gronsveld. From receivable, storage, and preparation for transport in the warehouse in Gronsveld, to the actual shipping to end customers. As one of Sekisui S-Lec’s logistics partners, Curfs takes care of all of this for the glass film technology business that mainly supplies the car and construction industry. During a monthly meeting, Ron van Kessel, manager Logistics, and René Venner, Assistant Manager Logistics at Sekisui, discuss their cooperation together with Germaine Bormans of Curfs Logistics.

Taking the client’s perspective from beginning to end
The success of the collaboration between Sekisui S-Lec and Curfs Logistics is clear from the monthly evaluation by both companies. ‘Curfs is a reliable, flexible partner that is engaged with us as their client. Every day, Curfs considers things from our perspective, but also contributes ideas about the long-term processes of our cooperation’, explains Ron van Kessel.

Since February, Sekisui S-Lec has been using its second storage area at Curfs. ‘Together with Sekisui S-Lec, we customized the new space completely to their specifications, allowing optimal use,’ says Germaine Bormans. René Venner adds, ‘Curfs offers special transport modalities that are hard to find in the market. They’ve also made our new storage facility suitable for unloading with special trailers.’


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One point of contact, one dedicated team
Sekisui S-Lec recently started using Curfs’ All-in-One concept. ‘Thanks to the All-in-One concept, we have a single point of contact within Curfs and a dedicated team that works exclusively for Sekisui S-Lec,’ says René Venner. ‘This ensures easy communication between both parties.’
Germaine adds, ‘We value a strong relationship with our clients very highly. We’re partners after all. In order to achieve this, we focus on individual service with our dedicated teams.’

Part of the All-in-One concept is that a dedicated Curfs team works exclusively for S-Lec. This team knows all the ins and outs of their client’s product and processes. Thanks to this individual service, Curfs can act effectively, and they are always ready with solutions that truly work.

Mutual trust
Sekisui S-lec is flexible to its customers. That’s only possible because Curfs operates flexibly as well. A customer might place an order with us on Friday afternoon to be delivered Monday morning. We know that we can always count on Curfs in such instances,’ according to Ron van Kessel.

When the goods arrive, the dedicated team at Curfs checks the quality of the packaging. If they see anything out of order, they inform the client immediately. ‘We also use reusable packaging,’ says René Venner. ‘Returnables, this reusable packaging is picked up, cleaned, and repaired if necessary. Then these returnables always go back to Sekisui to be used again.’