Top-quality logistics goes hand-in-hand with technological innovation and a successful transition to sustainability. Society is changing rapidly, making new demands on business operations and our services. More than anything else, business sustainability means making our business future proof and showing our concern for the three Ps: People, Planet, and Profit.

Curfs aspires to have a positive impact on people and the planet. Our concern for business sustainability is a continuous process in which we eagerly embrace new challenges, whether that means installing solar panels on our warehouses or deploying longer and heavier vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint.

An environmental management system integrated into the standard management system and focusing specifically on managing and optimizing environmental performance. ISO14001 is the international standard for environmental management systems. Curfs has obtained ISO14001 certification, demonstrating that both our Logistics and Warehouse are doing everything possible to manage and prevent risks to the environment.

Together, we are working towards a better environment and future-proof planet!

Lower carbon dioxide emissions, higher volume
Curfs plans to take pressure off the environment by transporting cargo in longer and heavier vehicles (LHVs). The permit application process is in full swing. Operating LHVs means we can move a higher volume of cargo while emitting only the same amount of carbon dioxide. Each and every LHV makes a tremendous contribution to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, particulate matter and nitrogen.

Electric charging stations
Electric vehicles are the future. We have installed a charging station outside our premises as a service to our employees and visitors. Owners of electric vehicles are welcome to recharge their car while at work or during their visit.

Green electricity
We have around 2600 solar panels covering the roofs of our Curfs warehouses. They generate enough electricity to power both our own business and other households. The solar panels are arranged east/west so that they get maximum sun exposure and generate even more electricity.

You can see exactly how much electricity the solar panels yield in our lobby.

LNG stands for ‘Liquefied Natural Gas’, or liquefied natural gas. LNG is the cleanest fossil fuel and LNG trucks emit significantly less CO2. In addition, they are quieter than diesel trucks. In 2021 we added the first LNG truck to our fleet.

With this, Curfs is making a concrete contribution to making road transport more sustainable.


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