With over 1,750 pallet slots, one of De Banketgroep’s main warehouses is located in Gronsveld (NL) close to the Belgian and German border, and facilitated by Curfs Logistics. This allows De Banketgroep to focus on its core business: baking delicious cookies as Europe’s largest producer of private label cookies. With its All-in-One concept, Curfs Logistics takes care of all logistics in De Banketgroep’s food supply chain. To their complete satisfaction, as was expressed during a monthly meeting between Germaine Bormans of Curfs Logistics and Rob Tulp, customer service manager at De Banketgroep.

The process is perfect from beginning to end 
Two years ago, De Banketgroep sought out a logistics partner to take over their logistics process. The two companies had worked together in the past as well. “The process at De Banketgroep is very specific, finding the right partner is very important. Not every partner can handle the process. Curfs can,” states Rob Tulp.

By combining shipping know-how with efficient warehousing, reliable order handling, and smart automation, Curfs can efficiently shape the logistics process for their client, including warehousing. Rob Tulp: “The process is perfect from beginning to end. We can focus on making delicious cookies. We no longer have to worry about inventory management, as that is now in Curfs’ capable hands.” Germaine adds, “We regularly check the inventory. This enables us to efficiently respond to supply and demand.”

The consumer products are transported to the warehouse in Gronsveld from the factories in Nuth (NL) and Eschweiler (Germany). Curfs Logistics takes care of this with their shuttle service, which is part of the All-in-One service package. The day before, the production planner communicates what the shipments are for the following day. The trailer is loaded and the goods are delivered to the factories.


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A dedicated team that looks at things from the client’s point of view
Every one of Curfs Logistics clients gets its own dedicated team. That team becomes the foundation of the collaboration with the client. By staying in touch with their clients every day and looking at things from their clients’ perspective, the team ensures that the collaboration proceeds as efficiently as possible.

Each month, both companies meet in Gronsveld (NL) to discuss their partnership. They talk about the good things, but also openly discuss areas for improvement. “Curfs always looks at things from our perspective as their client. The creatively try to find solutions within the framework that has been established. And they always do all of that with a smile,” Rob Tulp adds.

The partnership between De Banketgroep and Curfs Logistics is strong. Rob Tulp: “I would describe Curfs as a reliable, customer-focused, and customer-friendly partner. The sky is the limit. They ensure that we, as their client, feel that we are seen and heard. In addition, they completely relieve us of our worries when it comes to logistics, thanks to the All-in-One service.”