Want to outsource your warehouse and always have 100% insight into your stock? Curfs Warehouse will feel so close, it will seem as though it is located in your backyard. You reap the benefits, but not the burdens. At Curfs, we arrange everything for you down to the smallest detail. Loading and unloading, customs storage and handling and more

Via our web portal or interface connections, we link our WMS (warehouse management system) to your internal systems. By using this advanced automation, you will need less human labor and the risk of errors is minimized. You will have real-time insight into your stock.

When outsourcing your warehouse activities at Curfs, you opt for flexible, safe and professional storage. This allows you to control the costs while still benefiting from the most modern warehouse facilities, including extensive options for refrigerated and heated storage.

Our warehouse facilities

  • 35,000m2 in four buildings
  • 3,000m2 coldstore
  • 35 loading stations
  • Modern certified security:
    – Unique key management
    – 24-hour active surveillance with connection to the emergency switchboard
    – Internal zoning of the buildings
    – Power fence
    – Extensive fire protection
  • Customs storage
  • Douane customs service
  • Temporary storage
  • Handling

'We have been working with Curfs for 17 years, a family business that has experienced serious growth over the years. They work fast, and are customer-oriented and organised. That is why we have been using their services for 17 years.'

Daniel Vandenvelde - Alphamin

'Reliable, good quality and service with pleasant communication.'

Fedor Nouwen - Banketgroep

'We have opted for this cooperation because Curfs is just like us a family company with short communication lines and motivated staff. We learn from each other and make each other better. Every day.'

Nadine Bylda - Pregis International

'At Curfs, the impossible becomes possible!'

René Venner - Sekisui S-lec B.V.

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