It’s not just about time or distance.
Logistics is about a new way to connect people.

A better control of your supply chain is the key differentiator for winning and retaining customers. The ‘faster, more efficient, and bigger’ adage is now partly outdated. The future of logistics is now about ‘smarter and connected’. That includes different qualifications, functions, and roles. And that’s where Curfs Logistics comes in with their All-in-One concept.

Society is going through a fundamental transition: more than ever, we’re looking more critically at added value and the impact of our organizations on our environment. Production companies have to change. Curfs All-in-One is our third party logistics provider concept with which we help companies in the food and non-food industries to transform their logistics chain. With this, we take on all logistical challenges from production to delivery to the end customer and also guarantee 100% custom work.




How Curfs All-in-One makes your organization more viable and brings it closer to the end customer!

1. Location: Our warehousing facilities have a total storage capacity of 35,000m², a cold store capacity of 3,000m², and 35 loading stations. They are centrally located in Western Europe directly off the A2, with direct connections to the Belgian and German highways. Do you require your own warehouse? That’s also possible and will be taken care of in the best possible way within Curfs’ capabilities.

2. Specialization: We’re proud that our customers have been choosing Curfs wholeheartedly for almost 60 years. That proves that our customer-oriented and innovative approach works. With clear agreements and direct communication. Each All-in-One customer gets their own dedicated Curfs team. This means there’s always an expert available and you can always rely on the best possible service! Curfs Logistics tailors their distribution services completely to the needs of their customers. Together with the customer, we build a seamlessly integrated platform of transport, warehousing, IT, and value-added services. This way, you save time, money, and don’t have to worry about any issues concerning distribution. What’s more, your end customer will be even happier!

3. Customer service: We always focus on having a close relationship with our clients. We are partners, after all. To achieve this, we focus on individual service. Our people really know what your specific wishes are. Dedicated teams combine client-specific transport knowledge with efficient storage, confectioning, correct order picking, and reliable order processing up to your end customer’s front door.

4. Value Added Logistics with real value: Your end customers have high expectations. At Curfs, we treat your goods as if it’s our own property. We set the bar high: each quality deviation is indicated and reported to you directly. We do everything possible to relieve you of any worries. For example, if desired, your dedicated team can take over the entire pallet and inventory administration for you. Including labeling, assembling, packaging and sending. If you choose to outsource your Value Added Logistics to Curfs, you’ll save time, money, and don’t have to worry about a thing. With Curfs, everything is well taken care of. Your customers can rely on it.

5. State-of-the-art technology: Curfs storage management means: always 100% insight and certainty that your storage is maintained. That’s our quality assurance. We connect our WMS (Warehouse Management System) with your internal systems via our web portal or interface connections. By using this advanced automization, there’s hardly any need for manual interference and the risk of errors is minimized. You get your own customized WMS customer environment which allows you to have real-time insight in your storage. You’ll be informed of where your goods are 24/7. You can measure, evaluate, and correct if needed.


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Outsourcing logistics? Smart outsourcing with Curfs All-in-One.

The Curfs All-in-One approach offers the highest level that a 3PL provider can offer when it comes to processing and activities. With All-in-One, Curfs Logistics completely integrates with your organization and can, if desired, completely relieve you of all logistical functions. We also call this approach “Customer Development”, in which Curfs Logistics proactively and innovatively contributes to improve and further develop your supply chain.


Curfs All-in-One: Creating new pathways to value. Together.

Every Curfs customer has unique goals, markets, products, and processes. Therefore, every Curfs customer gets their own custom solutions. Curfs All-in-One always starts with a specific problem or question from the customer. What’s your ambition? Our motto is working together, succeeding together! For this purpose, we create a constructive collaboration aimed at a long-term partnership. Do you want to go from good to better? Send an e-mail to

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