Pregis International only focuses on what it’s good at: offering innovative and protective packaging materials for clients in Europe. Curfs Logistics carries out all warehouse tasks for the company. The world leader in filling materials is very satisfied with its logistics service provider, as is evident from a monthly meeting of the two companies. “We continue to make each other better together.”

Pregis International focuses on its core business: Protecting products so they can be transported safely and efficiently. Pregis International does not have to worry about the storage of raw materials, finished products, and inventory management. Curfs Logistics completely takes over these aspects of Pregis International’s logistics process. A Curfs shuttle service goes back and forth between the two companies. Raw materials stored in Gronsveld (NL) are transported to Heerlen (NL). On their return trip, the trucks are loaded with finished product. The distribution of the packaging materials and systems in Europe is carried out by shipping companies specialized in fine-mesh distribution. In order to offer Pregis International the best possible service, Curfs Logistics has put together a dedicated team specifically assigned tot his client. “Curfs is like an extension of our own business,” explains Peter Bindels, Coordinator Supply Chain at Pregis International.


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Nothing is impossible
Every month, the business partners meet to discuss potential improvements. That is done based on key figures, such as productivity, the number of transport movements per hour, inventory accuracy, delivery performance, and delivery reliability. Everything is discussed in an open setting. Which Pregis International highly appreciates. Nadine Bylda, European Director Service and Logistics: “The leadership at Curfs puts their heart and soul into the business and their team really goes the extra mile”

A number of years ago, Pregis International started looking for a logistics partner. One of the demands the company had was “one hundred percent customer satisfaction.” Curfs Logistics started working for Pregis International in June of 2016. Pregis International chose Curfs as their logistics service provider because it sets up its warehouse exactly according to the client’s wishes and requirements. They worked together on the automation of all logistics processes. Together they also built a custom interface.




Worry-free inventory management

Pregis International and Curfs meet up on a monthly basis. Curfs Logistics is outperforming the agreed standards. What’s next? Things are going very well in terms of speed, accuracy, and productivity. At Curfs Logistics, continuous improvement is the answer. “Good is not good enough,” Nadine Bylda explains. “Accurate inventories are crucial to us and with Curfs Logistics we no longer have to worry about that.”

Curfs Logistics truly embraces its clients

Getting crucial insights into each other’s business is part of the relationship. See for yourself why it is important that the delivery of raw materials happens at the right speed, for instance. Another example is the Curfs Logistics’ project manager and warehouse manager personally observed that their client’s warehouse was limited in size.

Pregis International’s satisfaction with Curfs Logistics has reached far. A client from England has now shown interest in Curfs’ services. Nadine Bylda is not surprised: “Curfs embraces its clients.”

Pregis International has two halls at its disposal at Curfs Logistics. One for raw materials, machines and systems that need repairs. The second hall is for storage of finished products. The two halls are practically adjacent, and the dedicated Curfs team works in both.

Celebrating the second hall

The relationship between Pregis International and Curfs Logistics feels right. We collaborate on more than just work. Nadine Bylda: “We recently started using a new hall at Curfs. For the opening of this second new hall, Curfs facilitated a large ribbon and big pair of scissors for the opening ceremony. We cut the ribbon together and celebrated this moment as one team.”