From the Curfs Warehouse in Gronsveld and the Nordson Warehouse in Maastricht, Nordson’s products find their way throughout the whole of Europe. Nordson is a global market leader in the field of precision dispensing and a leading manufacturer of tools for the application and hardening of industrial liquids and powder coatings, glues (hotmelt), and sealants that apply to a wide range of consumer and industrial products. For over 20 years, Nordson has been working with Curfs as their logistics partner. A tailored partnership!

The partnership is evaluated in a monthly meeting between Nordson and Curfs Logistics. On behalf of Nordson, it is attended by Robert Schoonbrood, Purchasing Manager, and Werner Corvers, Logistics Manager. Representing Curfs Logistics are Germaine Bormans and Ryan Ploemmen.


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A dedicated Nordson team working with the Curfs team at Curfs’ location
As a result of strong growth at Nordson and the upcoming Brexit, Nordson has moved one of its distribution warehouses from England to Maastricht. In anticipation of the expansion of Nordson’s European Distribution Center in Maastricht, Nordson chose a partnership with Curfs to satisfy their need for additional space. The experience and years of working together give Nordson the trust that Curfs can equal or even improve Nordson’s high service levels.

Within the All-in-One concept, people from Nordson work together with Curfs employees, supported by the Nordson ICT system within Curfs’ warehouse. Nordson has a 700 m2 space, which has room for 700 pallet slots. From the warehouse in Gronsveld, Curfs’ drivers drive between Gronsveld and Eindhoven, after which the goods find their way throughout Europe via DHL.

“It’s a partnership without the traditional, hierarchical relationship between customer and suppliers. It’s a partnership similar to the one between co-workers,” explains Robert Schoonbrood. “The best example of this was when all of us were sitting in the canteen after working late. The people from both Nordson and Curfs, together as a family.”

Curfs’ flexibility has many facets
Market standards are changing, The business is becoming more complex, and the pressure on delivery times is increasing. As a result, each month has been different at Nordson recently. “The logistics activities in England were integrated into the European Distribution Center in Maastricht. A huge volume came to Maastricht. It was a world we weren’t used to,” says Robert Schoonbrood. “What we got at Curfs in terms of flexibility is something we could never have gotten from another partner.”

“Together we looked for the right approach,” mentions Germaine Bormans. “A concept that suits both parties and that allows them to collaborate in the most optimal way possible.” Robert Schoonbrood adds, “Curfs’ flexibility has many aspects. The flexibility to quickly respond to unexpected changes in our business. The possibility to have our own people work with the Curfs team and that the Curfs employees are available to us when we need them.”

We learn from each other. We become better together
In interaction with Curfs Warehousing, Nordson takes care of recording incoming and outgoing stock. Via the Curfs web portal Nordson can access the stock in Gronsveld in real time. This enables them to optimally design stock management in the Curfs warehouse.

Through previously set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), the stock, quality deviations, and time spent are evaluated during the monthly meeting between both parties.

Nordson focuses on its core activity of offering solutions for manufacturers all over the world. This helps these manufacturers to increase productivity, lower material costs, and improve quality. “When we are able to focus on that, with the support of external parties such as Curfs, then the sky is the limit with what the future might bring,” concludes a satisfied Robert Schoonbrood.