The power of Curfs Logistics:

More than 60 years' experience
Customization in transport, distribution, warehousing and value-added services
An extension of your company
Solid and flexible
Supply chain management
Working together, succeeding together!


Welcome to Curfs Logistics: full service logistics service provider

We are the logistics extension of your company. A partner you can really depend on. At Curfs, we are constantly on the move. We embrace new opportunities and chances in order to help our customers transform their logistics chain. During this process, we function as adviser, director and operator. If required, we are even able to take over the entire physical distribution process and warehousing. We call this Curfs All-in-One.

At Curfs, we focus on one thing:

To unburden our customers and to help them further.

We have been doing that since 1961 and we do it well. We are proud that our customers continue to choose us with conviction. We cherish compliments, but we embrace criticism even more. Because only when you are 100% satisfied with us, we are 100% satisfied as well.


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A positive impact on people and the planet

Discover how Curfs remains future proof!

'At Curfs, the impossible becomes possible!'

René Venner - Sekisui S-lec B.V.

'We have opted for this cooperation because Curfs is just like us a family company with short communication lines and motivated staff. We learn from each other and make each other better. Every day.'

Nadine Bylda - Pregis International

'We have been working with Curfs for 17 years, a family business that has experienced serious growth over the years. They work fast, and are customer-oriented and organised. That is why we have been using their services for 17 years.'

Daniel Vandenvelde - Alphamin

'Reliable, good quality and service with pleasant communication.'

Fedor Nouwen - Banketgroep