FP International is the world leader in packing material: packing chips, packing peanuts and air cushions in boxes. After the company had experienced enormous growth, they had to make an important decision: invest in new warehouse room themselves, or outsource the work. They eventually ended up at Curfs, who convinced FP with a professional approach.

From their European headquarters in Heerlen in the Netherlands, FP International manufactures for a number of major distributors such as Fromm and Antalis. They’ve made the various Bol.coms, Conrads and Wehkamps of this world their customers. Take, for example, an automobile manufacturer like Toyota, who want to transport their spare parts in safe way. FP develops and produces innovative packing material and packing machines to solve this.

One can imagine, therefore, that FP’s physical distribution process is extensive. In their search for a logistics partner, they ended up at Curfs. Frank Pörteners, Director Operations Europe FP International, explains: “For us, service is the most important aspect of business operations, especially the delivery reliability toward customers. Curfs impressed us most with their professional approach to the existing processes. They actively participated in these processes and helped to optimize them. The result is that we can supply our customers better than ever before and are ready for future growth.”


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Cooperation FP International and Curfs

Curfs has a dedicated team for FP. They ensure that the total physical production process runs smoothly. From storage, distribution and customs matters, to taking care of return shipments. Curfs Logistics takes care of delivering raw materials and at the end of the production line, the truck is ready to transport the products to the storage facility in Gronsveld close to Maastricht in the Netherlands and to take care of further processing.

The employees who are responsible for the FP International process within Curfs Logistics even went on an internship for a number of months at the company. In a short amount of time, they learned all the ins and outs. Curfs and FP are real partners and keep communication lines short. Will something change at FP? Curfs can quickly accommodate it. And if there are new opportunities and developments that are relevant to FP International, Curfs shares this knowledge. As a result, Curfs can quickly make adjustments if something within FP changes. At the same time, Curfs also keeps FP informed of new opportunities and developments. Germaine Curfs: “In this way, we continuously strengthen one another. FP can focus fully on their core business and we take care of the rest.”